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Managing Emotions and The #PolygonShowcase - Issue 46

We are allowed to feel, it's how we react to those feelings

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I always have done and I always will. I am passionate about a lot of things and I have worked very hard to push the ethics, morals and values I believe in, in this space. What I want to achieve is about far more than me, and I am more than happy if what I am building only plays a small supporting act. I don't think a lot of people understand this, or are ready to understand it. And I don't blame them, society's habit's will be hard to break.

Lexi and because of the above. I mean look at her. All the fluffiness makes up for most of the barking! She is my friends.

My long time subscribers, or people that read my blog regularly, you will know some of my struggle in managing my emotions. For far too long I didn't know how to manage my feelings. How to express them and not keep them locked in. I felt like I had to act a certain way, because that's what other people expected. The truth is, I don't know what anyone else expects, and can never truly know unless someone shares.

By creating my own external expectations of myself I trapped myself in a box. The whole time I was in this box I never realised it was of my own creation. That these expectations only existed in my head. It took a lot of personal turmoil for me to find this out about myself. As painful as it was, it isn't something I would ever change. That journey of self discovery has been as amazing as it was painful, there have been as many smiles as tears, if not more.

How did I learn this? It came from acceptance. I figured out how to accept me for me. I have spoken about a list of things that helped me do this. And it still helps me today. I have made a recent effort to complete this list daily and it has made a difference to my mentality, I wont go into the details, but here's the 7 things that I believe changed my life.

  1. Make my bed

  2. Exercise

  3. Shower

  4. Make and Eat Fresh Food

  5. Smile

  6. When greeting someone, always be positive. I'm doing well, I'm doing fantastic, having an awesome day etc.

  7. Do one thing every day for someone else without expecting anything in return

The outcome from this list is that I am comfortable in my own skin. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life. It has affirmed that wearing my heart on my sleeve is the right way to be for me. If you know me, you get all of me. I have empathy and I am passionate about how I view things. For all that I am passionate, I am willing to listen and understand, even if I don't agree.

The struggle for me now is about how and when I communicate my emotions. I try not to communicate outside my trust circle when I am feeling any emotion intensely. That could be anger or happiness, frustration or relief, pain or ecstasy. For me, I don't want to Tweet something that harms someone else, but at the same time I want to express my feelings. If anyone has issue with how I communicate, they know where to find me.

There has been some doubt recently, but that doubt has been overcome and now there is more resilience and punchiness. I know why I am doing what I doing, I know it can potentially help billions, or support people who help billions. My brand, which I want to use to push Polygon Alliance, is far bigger than me. I recognise this and making sure that I am not resentful is very important.

It would be easy for so many people to feel resentment in this space, for so many reasons. It could be money spent, or what is seen as an unequal relationship, maybe a voice in an ear (one that doesn't have the full picture, or maybe one that does), poor communication, a lack of empathy in decision making. Whatever the reason, don't carry resentment with you, it doesn't help you or the people around you.

Visit the 6th Polygon Showcase environment here! Make sure you click on the heart too.

Get yourself to the Polygon Showcase today. Find some time and make it happen. These events have repeatedly enabled our whole community to level up. If you are reading this and you don't know what the Polygon Showcase is, you can check my article about this Polygon Showcase on Blockster here. If you are reading this later, the environment is still open, go check it out.

There are a huge number of reasons to attend, exhibit or speak in the Polygon Showcase, This is the 6th Showcase event, and every single one is better than the last one. They are hosted once a quarter by Creative Owls and his team. Polygon Alliance and Spatial have supported every event, along with plenty of people in our larger community.

To see the event gaining new partners and sponsors such as Dash Radio, ThirdWeb & VoxBox is testament to the quality of the event. This is backed up by the speakers at the event, and the opening video sent by Sandeep Nailwal, one of the founders of Polygon. If you think we smashed it with the 6th Polygon Showcase, wait until the 7th. or the 10th. And start thinking about the 20th!

One of the many screenshots VDK captured and shared on Twitter from the Polygon Showcase.

The first day of the Showcase was amazing and I got to hear a lot of stories that I hadn't heard before. The stage drives a real focus on the person talking and makes them the highlight during that time. There will more be artist presentations on day 2, as well as panel discussions and more. If you can't, or couldn't make it, you will be able to find recordings on YouTube from Ceecee. I know Ceecee has been live streaming on Twitter too. VDK has been actively sharing lots on Twitter too, including the screenshot above.

I got the opportunity to talk about my journey as an artist and explain a little bit about how I kind of fell into creative writing. I am so glad I did find this as an outlet, it's one of the things that helps me manage my emotions. I appreciate the interview and time offered by Creative Owls and I will be back at the next one with a more refined vision of what Brand #Davc_s looks like.

An update from the Polygon Showcase is that it is now gamified, you can collect items and complete tasks. The gamification within Spatial really does add an extra layer for creators and users to explore. Spatial dropped some info on what's coming with that, but you will have to listen the the panel about The Future of NFT Marketplaces to find out more.

A slightly shorter than usual Blog this week, my week ran away with me and I want to showcase the showcase another time. I owe a #BlogCast, so expect 2 from me this week. Next up is Drippy BullZ launch, then FCancer with Polygon Alliance.

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read my blog. You can purchase this issue for 0.5 Matic if you wish, just find the collect button. If you search my profile for Issue 1 & 2 are free to collect. Have a wonderful weekend, I will catch you next Friday!