Never Give Up - Issue 28

Dream your dreams, then live them!

What to discuss this week? I could choose any number of topics. There are always things going on and a lot is happening behind the scenes for Polygon Alliance. This is one of the reasons the title is Never Give Up. I also want to talk about where I am at with Brand #Davc_s and I need to chat about "The Metaverse". It is the 5th #PolygonShowcase this weekend after all.

Never give up can mean so many things and there are so many reasons why you may be convinced the the next step isn't worth it. Don't ever feel like that. You may need to mitigate risk and make sure you aren't in too deep, but never give up. If you have a dream, an idea, a passion then you should pursue it. Even if you have to do that around other things. We don't get a dress rehearsal. Once time has passed it has passed. Enjoy that time.

I could have given up at many points in my life. The hardest time was after I lost my grandparents and my long term partner left me. That was a dark time and I very nearly did give up. For 6 months I did very little. Luckily this was a huge wake up call for me and almost every step since the start of 2019 has been a step forward. Then we move into our space...

I am not the typical degen, by any stretch. I aim to push the technology and more importantly the people. I believe this is a space that could change the world for the better, I want to be part of driving that change. This isn't always a popular choice and it has had it's impacts. However, if I had given up because of how others acted, or when I lost a substantial some of money for me on Eth, or when Mum passed in March, I would not be having the incredible conversations I am currently having. These conversations have the potential to help so many and I can't wait to share more!

Brand #Davc_s is still moving, in the direction I want it to and I am exploring new opportunities to push my brand all the time. I need to think about a website so that I can organise the amount of content I have. I am desperate to find some time to build a YouTube channel. The intention will be to host panel shows and podcasts on it longer term. In the short term I have a lot of Twitter Spaces I can turn to YouTube content.

Part of how I want to offer value to my NFT holders is with access to my brand. That could be advertising opportunities (not in this blog), Twitter AMA's, articles on Blockster and more as my visibility grows. I want to reward the people who have supported me. You can check the collection below. I need to make my 4th NFT to offer to my first 300 blog subscribers. I haven't quite found the inspiration for it yet, When I do, I will send an email, with an update of the brand positioning for Brand #Davc_s.

I am an ambassador for OnePlanet and MetavaultTrade. I am working on the team at Caliber Capital Group. CartridgePunks and CryptoGoonz are slow burning NFT projects, but we are still moving and our plans are still big. Polygon Alliance is my primary focus right now. We are making huge strides there and I will share a little more below. There are always more opportunities presenting themselves as well. My growth has been amazing and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Polygon Alliance leads to the Polygon Showcase. Anyone who has followed our growth over the last year is aware how closely we have worked with MyCreativeOwls to support and highlight this event. The relationship we have built together is a blueprint for how we want to support people in the Polygon, DeFi and NFT communities. We wand to work together to push both of our brands.

In one line. Polygon Alliance's vision is for people to work together to make each other stronger, help each other grow and make Polygon the No. 1 destination for NFTs and DeFi. We are focusing on education, resources and tools to make this happen. We have built some incredible relationships over the last year to support this.

Quarter 1 2023 is about reconnecting with our partners. Rebuilding our website. Adding your educational content. Building on our connections with Magic Eden. Adding more structure to our team. Filling more roles. Redesigning our Discord server. Seeking legal advice so we can look to drive income and revenue for us and our community members. This is essentially a short snippet of what we will be sharing in our info deck and roadmap soon. It is in final draft and has a couple of changes to be made before we can release.

You can see how Polygon Alliance want to add your educational content on this link -

Why do I shout about the #PolygonShowcase events? Because I was at the first event Creative Owls hosted in December 2021. Whilst the effort, environment, idea and host were all fantastic, it was a horrible experience for me. This was mostly down to my laptop and partly down to where Spatial were with their development at the time. We didn't have legs, if we could get in at all. The environment capped at 16 or 17 people and the interactions were very limited.

The next event was the first #PolygonShowcase in January 2022. There were still huge issues but Spatial had listened to our feedback. They kind of had to, as a community we kept kind of breaking Spatial. Improvements had definitely been made. I had to miss the second one in April 2022 due to personal reasons, however the feedback and reception was fantastic. The general growth was being seen by the attendees, the community, Creative Owls and Spatial.

This continued into the third event in July and the 4th event in October. Each environment was better. Panel shows where introduced. Artist spotlights were improved. In the 4 events so far over 300 artists have been highlighted, there has been over 10 Eth of sales and there have been over 40,000 visits to this Spatial environment. You do not want to miss the fifth event.

That is happening this weekend. Tomorrow and Sunday. The environment is opening at 11EST on both days. You can find the agenda on Creative Owls website ( and here is the link to the Spatial environment - Polygon Showcase Metaverse.

This is one of the flagship events hosted within our community. It is an event that offers an incredible amount of value to everyone involved. If you are an attendee then you get to meet amazing artists, awesome projects and the ability to network with some fantastic people. And all you need to do is attend for free. If you are an artist or a project then you get so much support. Not just from Creative Owls, but from his partners, our community and Spatial.

Spatial would not offer the support they do if they did not see the value in these events. Polygon Studios (now Polygon Gaming - another time) support the event and supported a non gaming creator and person because they see the value. It is an event that has led the way for a year and I only see it continuing to lead the way.

None of this would have happened if various people had given up. The most important step is always the next step. It may not be the 'right' step or the 'perfect' step, but it moves you forward. If you don't take that step then you are stuck where you are. TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP!

I appreciate you all for following me to paragraph and giving me more of your time. Thank you for sticking this one out, see you over the weekend in #PolygonSocial right! Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile and have a fantastic weekend. Until next week.

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