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Where I think I stand with AI - Issue 31

Who is the creator and how do we protect human creativity?

AI creativity is a hot topic right now, and rightly so. There is potential, a lot of potential. People are utilising it in all aspects of their world, and not just in the Web3 world. I don't like running my content through Chat GPT, but I also know that Chat GPT and other AI tools can greatly enhance my productivity, time management and much more.

My last sunrise in Bideford for a while, it was a good one!

Where to start... This is a topic where answers haven't been decided yet. The best thing about so much AI technology being in our hands, is that we have the potential to impact and drive the values we want written into the technology. A large section of humanity has the opportunity to experiment with AI and decide what it means for them. There will be standards, my hope is we get to influence them.

AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) are going to be a huge part of our lives moving forward. They are going to impact everything. From medicine to infectious disease planning. From customer focused job roles to quality assurance. From delivery jobs to factory management. They can already create very well. They can alter people's voices and much more. I am excited, but in my opinion we are looking at huge leap forward in technology, and that comes with risks as well.

AI tools are making peoples administrative roles easier, managing tasks and calendars, sending automated messages, answering emails and more. The ability to save yourself time and still produce quality output should not be underestimated and you should look into the options available.

Listen to a conversation I had with PokeyNFT about Chat GPT on Twitter Spaces -

I want to start with my concerns in regards to creative output and ownership. And then offer a solution that would ease my concerns. My main worry is that humanity will lose their ability to be creative. That it will become so easy to use machines to produce art of any sort will that humans will stop trying. That humans essentially ask a machine to make something creative or aesthetic for them. And this goes beyond traditional art.

What about written content? Articles, Blogs, Stories, Tweets etc. What about stories or music? Very often humans will take an easy option if it presents itself. What happens to experimentation and innovation if we lose our creative output as a species? Will we be making any decisions if all of our content is being created and produced by machines...

Who is the creator? To use an example. Take the prompt green shoes. Just that. And run it through an AI engine 1000 times. You will get some good images. Does that make you an artist? The flip side, getting AI to have demonstrable hands, with the right number of fingers, that are in proportion and look right. The machine cannot create hands without a lot of direction, input and skill from the end user.

AI art by Secret Project (look at the hands) - visit her links here

Who creates the art or in the example of Chat GPT, the written content? I can ask Chat GPT to write me a 1000 word blog article on AI. Am I the creator? I don't believe so. I believe that Chat GPT is the creator in that scenario. Chat GPT has 'imagined and formulated' the content even if I do offer editorial touches. How about if I use Chat GPT to edit my article? Then it is my creativity and I am effectively using a proof reader. However, AI has still has a say on my content.

AI art engines allow people to create art who would otherwise be unable to and I think this is an incredibly important point to consider when we are defining who the creator is. Other AI tools allow the user to do more than just increase productivity. I have shared a few links today, but if you are interested in AI then spend some time looking at this library of AI resources and tools - Futurepedia

Before you think that I think humanity is doomed, or the creative aspect of humanity anyways! There are some other things to consider. As it stands AI technology only operates within the parameters we set. Meaning we are in full control, even if some of that technology is capable of expanding it's own knowledge base. I think we need to think about how AGI could define itself, if left to it's own devices.

Keisa, my stepdad's cat doing cat things

AGI is essentially when AI reaches human capabilities or better, can reason and formulate it's own decisions. If you are interested in finding out more, start with the Wikipedia page on AGI. I am not trying to say we will end up in a dystopian AI future (to be fair our current society often feels dystopian at the moment in the UK), just that we need to be thinking about the potential of machines thinking for themselves after humans have stopped utilising their creative skills.

I genuinely believe that AI will be like an industrial revolution, or the assembly line, or when economies of scale was introduced. It will have a drastic impact on society. More drastic than it has already had and I believe that can be an incredibly good thing, and right now we appear to be on a path where people are using AI responsibly (for the most part).

The lines are blurry and yet to be defined. That's really exciting to me. I believe those of us using the cutting edge AI technology available will help define these lines or boundaries. And the point for me is protecting creativity in humans. Without creativity do we lose innovation and exploration? Do we forget how to ask questions or make incredible things? Creativity for me means progression. Human creativity is vital to humanities long term success and progression in my opinion.

How do we preserve human creativity? There is only one answer I can think of and some communities already do it. For example it is the done thing in the AI art community to call your AI art AI art. I believe there should be an AI mark or stamp that is attached to work that has had AI involvement. I believe allowing humans to see what has been created by humans and what has been created with the assistance of AI clearly will help preserve human creativity.

I want to highlight a couple of people that I know well, because what they produce with AI technology astounds me on a regular basis. Take a moment to click on the links and look at the profiles for Secret and Dave below.

I have a lot of respect for people who are able to utilise AI technology to create incredible things and you can see some artwork from Secret Project above where she has been able to replicate hands, and make them look real. This is the first time I have seen this, and the progression in the AI artists knowledge and skill, and the progression in technology in the last year have made things like this possible. Make sure you look at Secret's work if you haven't already, she's incredibly talented.

There are other lots of other incredible people working with AI technology that I know, however I also need to mention Darthside Dave. He is using AI technology in the medical world and is doing amazing things. Not only that, from my perspective he is an expert in AI. He shares his knowledge willingly and freely. You can catch him on Twitter or Twitch. Worth checking out. I have shared a thread of his above, where he highlights 25 AI tools that may benefit you.

Loki - a bearded dragon that is shedding and a little grumpy!

I don't assume or think I have the answers. I like to ask questions though, I hope to have offered you some insight and perspective as well as encouraging you to think about our future with AI. I think an AI mark or stamp offers a kind of solution to the creativity question, but one that is still incredibly grey. Should the involvement of the AI technology be taken into account when deciding the mark/stamp is just one question to consider!

I have enjoyed writing about AI, I hope you have enjoyed my musings on it too. Please take a moment to check the links I have shared. As ever, thank you for spending your time with me, I appreciate it. Until next week.