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Entertainment Industry vs The Creative Platform

Previously, we released our own media channels to curate and promote topics we care about as a community, recorded live within our unique metaverse called STAGEverse!

In episode 1, we delve into the fascinating world of Creative Organization DAO, an innovative web3 organization that is revolutionizing the way creatives organize and collaborate. Join us and chatGPT as we explore the origins of this revolutionary movement and how it came to be and hear from the visionary founder of Creative Organization DAO as himself, Gawain Bracy II, aka G2.

And if that wasn't enough, we had a special treat in store for our viewers! For a very small amount of ETH, you could claim a POAP that helps fund the Creative Organization DAO and support the creation of even better content in the future.

There were only ten available to share with friends.

Available Now on Spotify: The CREATIVE Podcast

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