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TikTok vs. Universal

A Musical Showdown

TikTok users might soon face a silent scroll, as mega artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Olivia Rodrigo are set to vanish from the app.

The clock has stopped ticking for TikTok to strike a deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), so it’s goodbye to these chart-toppers. With 1.5 billion monthly users, TikTok is a digital jukebox of sorts, but UMG's patience is running thin over inadequate compensation for its artists and songwriters.

UMG accuses TikTok of lowballing payments, offering a fraction compared to what other major platforms pay. TikTok, backed by Bytedance, isn't mincing words either, slamming UMG for prioritizing profit over artists.

The stakes? High. UMG's roster includes icons like The Beatles and Ariana Grande. TikTok, meanwhile, asserts it's a vital promotional tool, already in bed with Warner Music Group.

UMG's gripes extend beyond money. It's wary of TikTok's AI tools and rampant copyright infringement. TikTok's rebuttal? UMG's creating a “false narrative.”

As the drama unfolds, TikTok's musical landscape hangs in the balance. Stay tuned.

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