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DeFi Vaults Issue #64

DeFi Market Research

⚡️What’s new?⚡️

🏦 DeFi Vault Spotlight: crvUSD Omnipool (10.9% APY).

🧪 Yield Farming 101: Lifinity Flare NFT Loan Strategy.

📊 Charts & Stats: Exploring the Top Real World Assets Protocols on DeFiLlama: stUSDT, Ondo Finance, and MatrixBlock.

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT): Arbitrum votes on emergency response team, MIM is live on Kava chain, DeFi watchlist's, and more.

🏦 DeFi Vault Spotlight

crvUSD (10.9% APY) via Conic Finance Omnipool

crvUSD is Curve Finance's over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin. CRVusd positions can be created with wstETH, wBTC, sfrxETH, and ETH.

CRVusd metrics (TVL & APY)

Checkout more pools and spot the latest stablecoin alfa using my new dashboard.

NOTE: Currently, data is only available up to 7/21/23. I will be updating the dashboard over the next week to refresh data every 24 hours. In the future, I will be working towards implementing features like projected APY, links to pools, etc. If you have any feedback, send me an email or DM me on Twitter :).

🧪 Yield Farming 101

Lifinity Flare NFT loan strategy


Lifinity Flare's is an NFT project on Solana created by the creators of Lifinity, the most capital efficient DEX on Solana. Lifinity redirects platform and trading fee's towards a fund that buys back $LFNTY and Lifinity Flare NFTs on a monthly basis. Last month Lifinity bought back 99 Flares, bringing the total amount of bought-back flares to 982!

Hadeswap, an NFT AMM, allows Lifinity Flare holders to use their NFTs as collateral, and borrow its stablecoin, $MDS. With $MDS you can swap to $USDT, to (1) protect yourself in case of an $MDS depeg, and (2) earn yields on your stablecoins.

  1. Buy Lifinity Flare on TensorTrade

  2. Deposit Flare as collateral on Hadeswap

  3. Borrow $MDS

  4. Swap $MDS for $USDT

  5. Deposit $USDT into Hawksight


  • Smart contract risk (Hadeswap and Hawksight)

  • USDT depeg risk

  • Liquidation risk (If Lifinity Flares' floor price plummets)

📊 Charts & Stats

Exploring the Top Real World Assets (RWA) Protocols on DeFiLlama

In the last issue of DeFi Vaults we discussed multiple narratives including Insurance, Payments, and Real World Assets (RWAs) Protocols. RWA has been a hot topic as of late, so let's take a deeper look at the top RWA protocol's to get a sense of where the market is going and discover what's gaining traction:

The top 3 RWA Protocols on DeFiLlama are:

  1. stUSDT (Tron)

    stUSDT is the first RWA protocol on Tron, and is decentralized token that serves as receipt of investment in RWA. Users can deposit USDT and earn passive income by participating in investments in real-world assets, lead by the RWA DAO. The DAO invests in RWA through the following process:

    • Pre-investment discussion. The Advisory Council discusses the potential RWA investment opportunities and investment strategy proposed by RWA Arrangers, and decide whether or not to follow up.

    • Pre-vote. A pre-vote will be initiated in RWA DAO to decide whether a proposal should be carried out by RWA Arrangers.

    • Contract creation and execution vote. After the proposal passes the pre-vote, developers from RWA Arrangers will create the stUSDT-RWA Contract and carry out voting on whether to execute the proposal.

    • Execution. Once the execution vote has passed, the stUSDT-RWA Contract will be automatically activated, and RWA Arrangers will set up the initial contract parameters.

  2. Ondo Finance (Ethereum & Polygon)

    Ondo Finance offers users investments in a range of real-world assets, such as US Treasuries and corporate bonds, by investing in US exchange-traded funds on users behalf. The first three funds offered by Ondo focus on low-risk assets backed by stable, liquid, real-world assets:

    1. OUSG provides exposure to short-term US Treasuries with a target yield of 4%+.

    2. OSTB provides exposure to short-term corporate bonds with a weighted average investment grade rating and a target yield of 5%+.

    3. OHYG provides exposure to high yield bonds with a target yield of 8%+.

  3. Matrixdock (Ethereum)

    Matrixdock offers users access to RWAs through its STBT token. STBT (Short-term Treasury Bill Token) is a USD stablecoin that provides exposure to U.S. Treasury securities that mature within six months and reverse repurchase agreements collateralized by the U.S.

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT)

Tweets & Narration provided by @BrokeDegenFAFz.

Geist will be closing its doors down, seemingly for good, thanks to Multichain. Alternatives on Fantom include the Granary and Scream.

Arbitrum security council vote will soon go live. This will dictate the users who are reserved as an emergency response team if needed:

Dr. Doom’s watchlist:

Abracadabra is live on Kava Chain:

DeFiMann’s current market thesis. I share a similar outlook of cautious optimism. We either correct slightly and then resume upside, or upside just resumes imo.

rDPX investment thesis:

Thread of tweets about trading:

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