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DeFi Vaults Issue #66

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⚡️What’s new?⚡️

🏦 Stablecoin Vault Spotlight: MIM/USDC.e/USDT 8% APY

🧪 Yield Farming 101: 'Balancer Boosted Aave V3 USD' Yield Strategy

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT): New Ethereum Bitcoin Bridge, 0xMantle: the new L2 catching buzz on CT, Curve hack postmortem and more


We talked about the MIM/USDC.e/USDT vault on Beefy (via Arbitrum) last week while it was at 8.73%, and now it currently still sits at 8.63% APY.

It's TVL increased by $100k and the TVL now sits at ~$2.3M. It's also worth noting, this vault has remained above a 4.5% APY for 3 months and counting!

Note: USDC.e is a token representing USDC on Avalanche that was bridged from the Ethereum blockchain via the Avalanche Bridge.

📑 Liquid Staked Tokens

📑 Stablecoin Yields List






🧪 'Balancer Boosted Aave V3 USD' Yield Strategy


The Balancer Boosted Aave V3 USD pool is a basket of the three most popular stablecoins (DAI, USDC, and USDC), and the pool is also receiving high ARB and BAL emissiions for stakers. You can direct your rewards to gDAI, and GLP to expand your portfolio into more stablecoins and bluechip assets.

  1. Deposit USDC into the Balancer Boosted Aave V3 USD pool on Balancer

  2. Swap $BAL rewards for DAI on Uniswap

    a. Stake DAI for gDAI on Gains Network

  3. Swap $ARB rewards for USDC on Uniswap

    a. Buy $GLP on GMX

    b. Stake GLP on GMX


  • Stablecoin depeg risk

  • Smart contract risk

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT)

There is now a 2-way bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Saying that this is huge is an understatement. Exchange of value between these two chains, which I believe will remain dominant, is going to be essential for larger players to get involved. Great development, cool innovation, and hopefully we can look forward to more to come!

Dr. Doom’s trading threads of the week:

A new L2 is catching some buzz on CT and I have no idea what it is. Some decent alpha here about this early ecosystem. Intriguing enough to maybe get me on the computer to explore. Let’s get a short summary together:

Degen Sensei’s short and sweet summary of their current interests in this market:

Richard Heart gets sued by the SEC for the securities fraud HEX. Thank god his bad choice in clothing can be punished

Due to a bug in the Vyper code, multiple Curve pools were drained by a hacker on July 30th. Here is the post mortem:

Read more:

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