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DeFi Vaults Issue #67

DeFi Market Research

⚡️What’s new?⚡️

🏦 Stablecoin Vault Spotlight: USDT/USDC.e 14% APY!

🧪 Yield Farming 101: Weighted Stablecoin basket via Picnic Protocol

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT): Reserve Protocol rebrand, Bullish case for crypto in Thailand, Solana developer interviews Anatoly, and more

🏦 USDT/USDC.e 14% APY!

The MAI/USDC.e pair on Beefy Finance (Via Arbitrum) has a 18% APY! It's also averaged a 19% APY since it's inception!

📑 Liquid Staked Tokens

📑 Stablecoin Yields List






🧪 Yield Farming 101


Picnic protocol, on Polygon, allows you to create custom weighted baskets of yield bearing assets. We can use Picnic to create a basket of diversified stable coins. All rewards are auto-compounded into the original position with the ability to rebalance at later dates.

  1. Create a basket with USDC/DAI, USDC/axlUSDC, and jEUR/PAR on Picnic

  2. Watch the basket and rebalance with other assets to achieve your desired APY


  • Stablecoin depeg risk

  • Smart contract risk

🐦 Last Week in Crypto Twitter (CT)

Reserve Protocol rebrand:

Security Researcher shares resources for understanding Lending markets:

Is Thailand the next hub for crypto? Sanjay shares his bullish take:

Helium Mobile launches unlimited text/talk and data for $5/month for Miami residents:

Aave's GHO stablecoin experiences depeg:

Mert from Helius Labs interviews Anatoly to discuss the future of Solana:

Binance Labs buys CRV to help Curve recover:

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