Powering The Memecoin Supercycle

Driving the new era of the attention economy through online culture tokens

Attention is captured through online culture

In an era dominated by digital interactions, the concept of the attention economy has never been more relevant. Originally coined by social scientist and Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon, the term "attention economy" describes a market where attention is the primary scarce commodity. Today, as we navigate through an ever-growing ocean of digital content, platforms that can effectively capture and monetize user attention stand to gain significantly. In this context, memecoins—a type of cryptocurrency that derives value from social perception and community engagement—emerge as potent instruments of the attention economy.

The Rise of Memecoins

Memecoins, often inspired by internet memes, have transcended their origins as humorous experiments to become serious vehicles for investment and community building. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are generally driven by their technological utility, memecoins capture and monetize the cultural and social engagement of their communities. They act as a barometer for what is capturing the collective imagination in real-time, turning memes into tradable assets that reflect the dynamics of the attention economy.

This has significant financial value that goes far beyond a good laugh.

Memecoins should not be underestimated as a sector but should be taken as a key focus for any blockchain to gain initial traction and adoption.

The total market cap of memecoin currently sits at $57.88B with the latest memecoin platform pump.fun generating daily revenues of $1.2M.

Challenges in making 'em memecoins

However, creating and launching memecoins has been a technical challenge, requiring significant blockchain expertise and resources, which limits participation to a relatively small group of savvy individuals (cabal vibes). Furthermore, the process often lacks transparency and can be susceptible to market manipulations and scams. We are here to democratize it.

Time to degenerate

Enter Degenerator, a groundbreaking platform developed specifically for the Etherlink blockchain, Tezos’s first EVM-compatible rollup. Degenerator WTF democratizes the creation of memecoins by providing a user-friendly interface where users can create their own memecoins with just a few clicks. This platform is not only about ease of use but also about making the creation of memecoins more accessible and secure, thereby expanding the memecoin market to a broader audience.

Key Features

Degenerator WTF allows users to connect their wallets and generate new memecoins with customizable names and tickers, with a predetermined supply of 1 billion tokens. This simplifies the technical barriers traditionally involved in token creation.

We are finishing up on a list of features that will encompass what we call the Degen Hub, an ecosystem of products and features to support sustainable memecoin economics and user growth for the underlying blockchain. Etherlink.

We will leave more of these details for the future article.

The Vision

We aim to tokenize attention on Etherlink with deep integrations across the other applications to create a Sustainable MemecoinFi Economy.

By making memecoin creation and trading accessible on the Etherlink blockchain, Degenerator positions itself at the forefront of the attention economy on Etherlink. This is expected to bring a new wave of user adoption, enhancing its prominence and visibility as a platform for both developers and users.

What's next?

As we move forward, the synergy between memecoins and the attention economy is set to deepen, with Degenerator leading the charge. We will ensure early users are rewarded.

Do what you must to ensure you win. New features and mainnet soon. Stay tuned.

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