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Newsletter #102

  1. Feed Takeover: Launched by @danfowler, Lemon Juice allows users to take over somebody else's feed by tipping $DEGEN. Through Lemon Juice, users cast an auction for 1 cast on their feed. After 1 hour, the highest tipper gets to create 1 cast on the auction creators feed. It's an interesting take on the value of one's reach. You can try here.

  2. Farhouse Updates: @farhouse launched earlier in the week, it's an audio spaces client that uses $DEGEN as it's native token to tip. Today they shipped a handful of updates such as record and download, tip $DEGEN directly on the L3 and bug fixes. @wake hosted the first DEGEN Townhall today. Download the iOS app here and listen or host a space.

  3. New Degen Bridge: A new bridge has joined the Degen ecosystem. Dopin Protocol a WETH and USDC bridge for Degen L3 plans to launch soon. Dopin is utilizing LayerZero wrapped asset bridge. Follow @dopinprotocol for updates.

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