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Newsletter #103

  1. Boost your DEGEN: @tom-major created a frame that allows users to see how many reactions they will need to get a boost in their tip allowance. It's helpful as users try to level up to be able to give out more $DEGEN. See the frame here.

  2. New Game Launching Soon: About a month ago, the @senspace team announced they would be creating a game on the Degen L3 in May. They did an initial mint for the game and just extended the mint window for another week. You can mint the first mint here. There aren't a ton of details, but the NFT is a deck of cards @renstern.eth gave the hint that people will have fun playing card together. Follow /card for updates.

  3. Degen Round 8 Rewards: Over 100K $DEGEN has been distributed to casts with likes from eligible users. If you have posted in the /degen channel and received likes you may be eligible. You can check in this frame here.

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