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Newsletter #105

  1. New SocialFi Game Soon: A new Farcaster native game is currently in public test with official launch for mainnet soon. FarFantasy is a socialfi trading game built on Farcaster created by @cosy. The team plans to integrate $DEGEN. You can try it today at but are encouraged to do small transactions while in testing phase.

  2. Pick Up the Baton Game: This was launched a few weeks ago, but Pick Up The Baton is a game created by @degenfans. Built on the Degen L3, users pay 5 $DEGEN to hold the Baton, the person who holds the Baton for the most seconds wins the pot. The game has already completed multiple rounds and winners are making ~200 $DEGEN.

  3. Farcaster Thrives = DEGEN Thrives: The Farcaster team announced a fundraise. It's good validation that what is being built here is meaningful and as @nikdmello notes, as Farcaster thrives, DEGEN thrives.

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