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Newsletter #116

  1. Haberdashers Grants: Haberdashers continue to lead from the front in the Degen Ecosystem. they've recently funded 4+ grants adding @callusfbi and @questbook last month. They also just announced a grant for @swaye. Swaye is a Farcaster native prediction market that is playable in frame. Follow them and make predictions!

  2. Welcome to Degen Chain: The @degentip team has already given us their Degen native app that is everything that you need when it comes to the Degen ecosystem. They recently launched a mint for 500 $DEGEN. Likely perks in the future. Mint it today!

  3. Don't Abuse the System: $DEGEN rain is a great way to distribute $DEGEN with real value but as @goose says "some bad dudes abuse the system and engagement farm." Don't be a bad dude.

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