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Newsletter #125

  1. ProxySwap Updates: @proxyswap pushed many updates yesterday. Contributors updated the interface, fixed multiple bugs, created a new tool to easily distribute tokens & claim airdrops and much more. @proxystudio.eth and the team are also focused on shipping a new product around a token launchpad (launch this week) and social DEX. Use ProxySwap today.

  2. This week in $DEGEN: @wake gives us a great rundown of all of the projects currently integrating with $DEGEN. You can see the entire thread here. It's a great read as lots of projects are posting updates.

  3. Stake $DEGEN, Earn $REFI: is a project created by @kompreni that is new protocol for launching tokens. It is currently unaudited but has over $400K+ assets staked on the platform. Users can stake $DEGEN to earn the native token $REFI. You can read more about the project here.

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