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Newsletter #126

  1. Power Badge = 1000 $DEGEN: The new tipping algorithm is using OpenRank, but some users still real and authentic users still had a low tipping allowance. The team decided to add 1000 $DEGEN to the allowances of any Warpcast user with a power badge. This will help users hit some of the key metrics for OpenRank like tipping 5/7 days.

  2. Zk Sync Airdrop: If you claimed Degen Season 1 you are eligible to claim Zk Sync airdrop. In certain countries claim is not available. You can check if you are eligible here.

  3. Tomorrow 9am EST: @jacek and @rarible have teased a drop happening tomorrow at 9am EST / 3pm CEST. Right now there isn't anymore information available other than that @floc.eth and @stackdotso are also involved. Pay attention to Jacek and Rarible profiles tomorrow for more details.

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