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Newsletter #32

  1. Tip of the Hat: Each day a cast is chosen for a TOTH, honoring a builder, creator or people doing positive things. The TOTH is a place for Degens to tip their remaining daily tip allowance. Its not always Degen related. Follow @0xen and @kenny for the TOTH and pay it forward!

  2. Odegen reveal: A few days behind on this, but noticed a bunch of new profile pictures! Odegens, the Opepen and Degen remix, were revealed two days ago. They are clean looking with great colors. There are 21 different variations. More to come on this collection in the future!

  3. Remain Vigilant!: As the market has picked up there have been more scenarios of people being compromised. There has also been a big uptick on new tokens on the market, most of which will fail. @0xpotus gives us a good reminder to stay safe, be positive, build and create.

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