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Newsletter #35

  1. Tipping Upgrade Coming: This was in response to a user looking for a tool for tipping delegation. Still unclear but be on the lookout for some new tipping features over the next few weeks.

  2. Community Liquidity Providing: Poolfish Party utilizes PartyDAO for users to LP $DEGEN together. All that is needed is for users to add $DEGEN to the pool to gain yield from the group LP. In adding capital you receive voting power in the party. Created by @nbragg, the party currently has 13 members with close to .5ETH in only a few hours.

  3. Tipping Guide: @wake has been a steward for the $DEGEN community. He has created numerous informational blogs for the $DEGEN community. Today he hits us with an tipping guide that answers many questions that users often have around tipping.

  4. Dune Tipping Dashboard: The community has made many useful $DEGEN dune dashboards. We get another one today that allows people to search users and see if they have tipped over their allowance. It was created by @matt90 after members of the community were confused that they weren't receiving tips that were sent by other users. It's also a good tool to see which users are real and which users are fake and tipping in bad faith.

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