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Newsletter #51

  1. $DEGEN L3 Launch: The much anticipated $DEGEN L3 was official launched today. @sydinicate facilitated the launch. It's built with Arbitrum Orbit, Base for settlement and Anytrust for DA. @airstack and @conduit also partnered on the launch. This means $DEGEN will be it's own native gas token, making it one of the first community tokens with a L3. Projects like @LottoPGF are already building products on the L3.

  2. First Official $DEGEN NFT: Launched on @Zora, mint the first official $DEGEN NFT for 1 $DEGEN. Currently over 619K minted. Mint it here.

  3. Buy or Sell NFTs for $DEGEN on Zora: @Zora launched ERC20 minting on Zora allowing creators and collectors to buy and sell NFTs using $DEGEN. We started to see artists sell artwork through tips, but there were some risks associated. Now any artist can sell their artwork on Zora for $DEGEN.

  4. $DEGEN Listed on Bybit: Several CEX have already listed $DEGEN. Today, Bybit one of the largest CEX in the world listed $DEGEN. Wasn't the first, won't be the last.

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