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Newsletter #52

  1. DEGEN L3 Data: Its been just over 24 hours since the launch of the Degen L3 chain. Currently there have been over $1M+ worth of assets bridged to Degen chain, 16K+ unique wallets, 1.9M+ transactions and gas fees are near $0.00. You track this data and more statistics here. You can also bridge assets here.

  2. Projects being built on Degen Chain: This is not an endorsement of any of the projects mentioned, but have seen many questions about new projects on the L3. Here are some that have been shared so far:1. @nfts2me; a no code NFT platform 2. PowerBald by @lottoPGF; a lottery protocol 3.; NFT launchpad and marketplace 4. /depe the first memecoin on Degen L3 launched on . Many were likely missed, please let me know. Expect there to be many more over the next few weeks and will continue to update.

  3. More Degen Resources: As the $DEGEN ecosystem continues to grow more resources to educate the community are necessary. We have seen some great post being created informing people about $DEGEN and the happenings around the token and chain. Here is a great newsletter and blog post by @kaloh. And a great thread by @leospeaks.eth about the Degen L3.

  4. Jacek and Syndicate X Space: A great X space was held today by @syndicate and @jacek. Well worth the hour listen to hear from our fearless leader about the new chain and all things $DEGEN.

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