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Newsletter #55

  1. Degentleman PFP Collection: Recently @chuckstock and @blackstock acquired the /degentleman channel. In unison with the acquisition, they announced that they are releasing a 10K PFP collection. It will be minted tomorrow at 2PM EST for 800 $DEGEN ($40) on Base. This is the same team behind /farworld the popular Farcaster native game. Follow their channel for more info.

  2. Launch Teases: We have 3 respected companies that have teased a launch on Degen L3: @airstack, Zapper (@seb) and On Dora (@bunny). Airstack founder @betashop announced today that their launch would be pushed to tomorrow, he hinted you may want to have notifications for his account on. Zapper and Search on Dora haven't officially announced their launch on Degen chain. Zapper is one of the best onchain explorers and Search on Dora is a block explorer and search engine.

  3. Degen Content and Tools: Another day, more high quality Degen content and tools by the Degen community. Dune wizard @rchen8 released a Dune dashboard for $DEGEN with data points for daily casts, daily active users, number of tips, unique tippers, Degen L3 chain TVL and bridge volume stats. We also get more great writing this time from @atown, The Beginners Guide to $DEGEN. Finally, this article buy @pjcooper is a great on learning how to buy NFTs on Degen native chain. PJ created the first original 10K PFP collection on $DEGEN.

  4. Deploy, Verify and Share Degan Chain Contracts: Catapulta, a smart contract development tool, went live with Degen L3. Currently there are lots of unverified contracts on the L3 and this helps. Use it today and reach out to @kartojal with any questions.

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