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Newsletter #63

  1. Zapper supports Degen chain: Today it was announced by @seb and @0xmarc Zapper officially supports Degen chain. You can track your Degen portfolio, including token prices and NFTs, see what's trending on Degen chain and see all of your transactions in a human readable way. Simply connect your wallet to and see your assets.

  2. Another ecosystem list: @thedapplist added Degen allowing users to easily find and curate projects building on Degen chain. Yesterday, @wake's list was highlight and still is a great resource but great to see more projects helping users explore new projects.

  3. Another Jacek Interview: Today @adrienne and @nounishprof hosted @jacek on @gmfarcaster. You can find a summary of their conversation here by @deller.eth. You can listen to the entirety of the conversation and collect it on Zora here or on any other streaming services.

  4. Tipping Dune Dashboard: Today we get a Dune dashboard by @we. It's a Degen Airdrop 2 Allocation checker that users can check to see their allocation as there have been many questions about the airdrop. Also shoutout to @we who has been in the trenches helping out the Degen community.

  5. Degen Wallet: Bridging the physical to the digital today we get a Degen Wallet by @uniqueobject. Mint the NFT on Zora and reach out to @uniqueobject for shipping instructions. There are 10 available and it comes with the NFT, physical custom Degen wallet and shipping costs.

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