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Newsletter #64

  1. DEGEN Liquidity Mining: Liquidity mining rewards for Season 2 go live tomorrow, April 11th at 8am EST. People that have been LPing can claim their rewards.

  2. Mint to Earn $DEGEN: @Layer3 continues to get $DEGEN in the hands of users that complete tasks on their platform. Quests can range from interacting with protocols to minting NFTs and more. Some recent quests to earn $DEGEN have been minting an article on @paragraph, mint EIC01 by @eic.eth on @zora, or mint CHIMBATA by @xcelencia on Find the frames to earn the rewards on Layer3's warpcast here.

  3. Hear from Jacek on another podcast: Today we get another podcast with @jacek, the amazing thing is with every new podcast listen, people learn something about Degen that they didn't already know. Today @jake hosted him on his Pod of Jake show. Listen to it here or any streaming service.

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