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Newsletter #74

  1. New Degen Chain Bridge: Introducing Starta by @hlau. Strata is a zero fee, trust minimized bridge. The bridge has gone through many security audits and has @purp and @jomessin on the security committee.

  2. Farcaster Audio Spaces: A new Farcaster native audio spaces produce has launched. @Farhouse, created by @ramitphi, is currently in test flight. Farhouse allows users to create audio spaces and listeners to tip $DEGEN in-app. Follow Ramit and /farhouse for more updates.

  3. Some numbers on $DEGEN holders: Today we get a great thread by @aviationdoctor.eth that breaks down a bunch of $DEGEN data. It's filled with great analysis, Here are a few takeaways. 1. 19% of the airdrop supply have been claimed 2. 4% of the 10% allocated for liquidity mining have been claimed 3. There are 83K wallets that Thomas calls "retail wallets. These wallet balances range from 1 to 77M $DEGEN and own 22% of the supply. The average balance for these wallets is 99K $DEGEN ($3.1K at today's price) and the median is 690 $DEGEN. This means that half of all $DEGEN holders have less than $22 of it.

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