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Newsletter #76

  1. Security support for Degen chain: As Degen chain rises in popularity scams and malicious contracts have become more prevalent. Today @quickintel, a crypto security hub, added support for Degen chain. Visit here to learn more.

  2. Another swapping tool: Today @buttrfly, a client that uses the Farcaster protocol, launched in feed swapping. Users can tap any token tag in feed and see price info and swap. If you haven't tried Buttrfly out you should, @moe and team have been building some great things.

  3. Matcha 🤝 $DEGEN: @matchaxyz announced they will be partnering with $DEGEN to become the preferred DEX for Degens. In the past 60 days they have distributed 3M $DEGEN (~$100K) in rewards and plan to add to this amount.

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