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Newsletter #77

  1. Another Swap enters the mix: Today Proxyswap by @proxystudio.eth launched. Currently an MVP, users can provide concentrated liquidity to any token pair on Degen L3. It's a permissionless DEX so be alert for bad actors. $PROXY will be the native token with 1M in supply. More on the token distribution and airdrops soon. Follow /proxyswap for more updates.

  2. Hot Off The Press: DAS DEGEN V3 is another banger report by @itsbasil. It covers Degen, Degen L3, Farcaster, Base and future catalysts for $DEGEN and the base ecosystem. Whether you are a seasoned Degen or new to the community, it's a must read. Visit Basil's paragraph page to read his past reports that have been spot on.

  3. More Degen Chain integration: @dynamic launched support for Degen Chain providing a much needed service for any builder looking to add an embedded wallet to their dApps.

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