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Newsletter #83

  1. Time based loans for $DEGEN: Today @teller announced the ability to use $DEGEN as collateral to borrow $USDC. Here is a blog post that explains more. This thread is also a great explainer.

  2. Degen Stats: This is a few days old, but great stats by @leospeaks.eth. There have been 5 new major project integrations and all metrics (holders, txns, market cap, txns on L3, $DEGEN bridged to L3) are trending upwards over the last 7 days. @leospeaks.eth has been a great Degen community member and continues to put out great content, recommend you follow.

  3. 1M $DEGEN giveaway: @peter announced today that @perl gave out 1M $DEGEN (~$24,000) to a user that has played Perl everyday since launch. It pays to be early. One of the best ways to make money in crypto is actually participating and using products that you like you never know when it will pay off.

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