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Newsletter #98

  1. BlackJack in Frame: Play BlackJack in frame, finish on top of the leaderboard and win $DEGEN. Created by @0xreaper, there is no buy in fee, finish in the top 3 and earn a split of 5000 $DEGEN. Contest ends 5/19 @ 12pm EST.

  2. Drakula DEGEN earnings: @drakula continues to support creators with $DEGEN. 5M $DEGEN has been paid out to over 300 creators. Each week they are airdropping $DEGEN to users. Get on the app today and start creating.

  3. Degen Chain still down: No official timeline has been set for when the chain will be back up and fully functional. @will from Syndicate has been transparent and updating the status. @conduit completed the resync a few hours ago and are now backfilling transactions.

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