How I chose a name for Discove

It's a bit raw, but I hope it's useful. Copy pasted from my Notion

Non-negotiable company naming criteria for a consumer facing social media that's not only an app in 2022 for David

For only apps (no web), “get<X>” or other domains are fine imo, which solves alot of the problems. For B2B shortness of name is not as important.

  • must have a close enough vibe for the company

  • must not have a trademark in US that is sufficiently similar company (internet services that could be mistaken for this…)

  • must not have an existing household name company with this name (“kia” etc)

  • must not have bad connotations in english or spanish - other languages don’t matter (”shitr”)

  • domain must be reasonably affordable (<1K)

  • domain must not need to be purchased through a negotiation process (too slow/pricey)

  • must be 6 or less characters before domain, name can only be longer if it uses the TLD in the name (ex: 8 letters max could be acceptable for the right name.

  • must be one of .xyz/.io/.com/.co/.app/.so TLDs or in rare case another short weird TLD like .ma if used as a domain hack thats part of the name. Preferably .xyz for crypto as most likely of those to be available, and not esoteric

  • must be credible spelling as an english word (no weird spellings lyrt etc)

  • must be pronounceable and clearly spellable from saying it without spelling it (shouldn’t be a misspelling of another word)

  • not (english word + ly) (that 2010 naming meta is over and I’m over it)

Name Candidates

names that are related to feeds:

farcaster specific names

names not related to feeds

Core differentiators

  • users are in control of their feeds; what they want to see; the addictiveness of them, the clickbaitiness, …

    • this is all premised on the ability to fork

    • like a wand or lightsaber


For .XYZ: Download available domains by length here:


TOPA: is probably a non starter due to trademark issues

Names I love

  • linear

  • cash app

  • luma

Migrating later

so if a great choice isn’t available, it’s possible to move later. Here I would suppose that it’s much easier to change a domain than a name (and domain). So the name matters more.