[Chainverse] - April Update

New API, new team members, new website

Org updates

Leo Blondel joins Chainverse as Data & Engineering Lead

Leo joined Chainverse in early February to leverage his deep expertise in data science and network analysis to enhance Chainverse's analytic offerings.

Before Chainverse, Leo co-founded Just One Giant Lab, a community science and innovation platform, while completing his PhD in Computational Biology from Harvard.

Leo first got involved in Chainverse by publishing a robust quantitative analysis of DAO governance patterns last March.

Alchemy Ventures partnership

Alchemy Ventures invested in Chainverse in recognition of the impact Chainverse user data can have for companies within the Alchemy ecosystem. Alchemy will also feature Chainverse in the Alchemy Web3 dApp store.

Alchemy is a leading Web3 data & infrastructure provider.

New website

We released a new website (https://chainversedata.com) that reflects the direction of Chainverse Portal and the Chainverse API.

Product updates

The Chainverse team has been hard at work to bring two products out of beta in early April.

  • The Chainverse API empowers engineering teams at marketplaces, social platforms, and Web3 tooling companies to integrate rich Web3 user data without costly data pipelines. The API currently includes Search and Identity Reconciliation endpoints.

  • Chainverse Portal, our UI for non-technical users, accelerates outreach to high value community members with powerful identity resolution & user segmentation features.

We designed Chainverse Portal and the Chainverse API to help customers solve user acquisition and market research challenges faced by our consulting customers, which include infrastructure protocols, marketplaces, and gaming projects.

Interested in learning more? Visit our API documentation page or website to get early access to the Chainverse API and Chainverse Portal (respectively).

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