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New endpoints, updated documentation

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API updates

Wallet in Context (WIC) API

Get started with the API for free, here.

Over the past year, Chainverse has consulted with Web3 communities on GTM, market positioning, and community activation.

While working on these projects we noticed a gap between what popular Wallet APIs offer and what our customers needed to know about wallets.

Our customers didn't just want to know about trading volume and token balances.

They wanted to know more.

  • What are the wallets interests?

  • What high-value Web3 activities has the wallet participated in?

  • Does the wallet belong to a social media influencer or popular content creator?

  • Does the person behind the wallet have a profession relevant to the customer?

So, we developed a framework called Wallet in Context to label wallets based on interests, Web3 activities, influence, profession, and more!

Our WIC API makes it easy to get actionable context about wallets with one API call.

WIC integrates data from dozens of on & off-chain data sources, ranging from social media bios to Github commit history, to assign labels categorizing wallets by interests, influence, Web3 activity, and profession.

You can think of it like Nansen wallet labels, except more granular, and optimized for community builders rather than investors.

Visit our developer portal to get started for free. We also added the complete WIC label glossary in our API documentation.

Coming up

Chainverse Portal, our community exploration tool for non-technical users, is almost ready!

This week we are are making some final adjustments before releasing it to the general public.

Click here to get early access!

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