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Diamond DAO Weekly Update - Edition 3

Lots of news

Welcome to the Chainverse newsletter -- much to share this week, including two new sections:

  • Community Content, featuring writing and analysis published by the Diamond DAO community

  • Data Feed, featuring updates around the Web3 data ecosystem relevant to investors, builders, and collectors


After several weeks of intense engagement with potential customers, it has become clear that their data needs revolve around growth:

  • Protocols need better data to understand and cultivate their ecosystems

  • Asset managers need better data to intelligently direct capital

  • Marketplaces need better data to increase sales by through better discovery & recommendations tooling and more context around creators and collectors

Counter-intuitively, the bear market creates an opportunity for Diamond DAO and Chainverse; as budgets tighten, Chainverse will provide data and analysis empowering with them with a better understanding of the communities that matter to them.

We are piloting three offerings to take advantage of this opportunity:

Chainverse for Community

Newcomers often struggle to find their place in large communities, driving churn and burnout.

Community documentation generally lacks the context potential community members need to understand what the &#$% is going on and find opportunities to contribute. documentation is generally limited, out of date, and unengaging.

Large communities can use the Chainverse UI as "map", enabling community members to explore key entities and relationships within the ecosystem.

This week we booked our first deployment of Chainverse for Community with Arweave.

Pursuant to our agreement, researchers in the Diamond DAO talent network will landscape the Arweave ecosystem, and the Diamond DAO product team will design a prototype for a "white label" version of the Chainverse UI for Arweave to host its upcoming "ecosystem" application.

Diamond DAO members can review additional details about our agreement here.

Chainverse Research

Investors and protocols are struggling to navigate a fragmented, incomplete, and dynamic information environment.

Ultimately, Diamond DAO will build UIs for power users to directly query Chainverse data for discovery, due diligence, and market research.

We are starting with mixed-method (i.e. qualitative and quantitative) research engagements to develop a better understanding of what data investors and protocols need and how it should be delivered to them.

Diamond DAO is connecting DAO members to research assignments relevant to their areas of expertise -- whether DAO operations, Web3 data & analytics platforms, or the use of ZK proofs in Web3 games.

Diamond DAO researchers can leverage Chainverse data and the Chainverse platform to efficiently address client research requests.

By connecting clients to talented & well resourced researchers, we save both time for both -- clients get answers quicker, researchers find paying work quicker.

We are putting the finishing touches on two Chainverse Research engagements -- a due diligence report for an investment fund and sectoral research for a DeFi protocol.

Chainverse Analytic Consulting

Two of Diamond DAO's biggest assets are its knowledge graph, covering over 6,000 Web3 communities, and its community of data analysts and data scientists.

Diamond DAO is exploring opportunities to apply Chainverse data and analytics to NFT marketplace growth challenges -- specifically discovery & recommendations and audience insights.

Right now, Diamond DAO members are ingesting datasets from niche marketplaces -- ranging from Catalog to PartyBid -- to develop insights positioning Diamond DAO to consult a marketplace on the challenges outlined above.

We are still in early stages here, so please reach out to Jordan or Christian with leads!

UI should not be a blocker

In the past, we made the mistake of building UIs around hypotheses, not solutions. Chainverse Community, Chainverse Research, and Chainverse Analytic Consulting are all ways for Diamond DAO to design generic data delivery mechanisms - whether APIs or UIs -- aligned with real customer problems.

that helps protocols and marketplaces reduce analysis Web3 stakeholders to make data-informed will be an opportunity to reduce marketing spend Over the next two months, Diamond DAO will pilot two Chainverse offerings to develop a better understanding offerings with protocols pilot programs with protocols, investment DAOs, and NFT marketplaces

Community & Governance

Diamond DAO's talent network is growing. The talent network is carefully curated to represent the diverse range of skills and perspectives needed to execute on client research engagements -- ranging from journalists, consultants, product managers, artists, educators, and data scientists.

We are recruiting for the talent network with an eye to support three research initiatives:

  • Web3 data and analytics infrastructure/tooling

  • DAO operations best practices

  • Blockchain gaming

If you're interested in researching answers to real problems faced by organizations at the leading edge of Web3, apply to our talent network here!

Data Feed

Llama digs deep into contracts to produce TribeDAO Quarterly Financial Report

As Llama prepared the Quarterly Financial Report for TribeDAO, it became apparent that some of the data was going to be very difficult – or even impossible – to get via our Dune dashboards...Dune only had 200 assets showing in the tables, and there was no table available which mapped Fuse Pools, cTokens and underlying assets... By writing custom code to query an Ethereum archive node, we were able to build a picture of the platform fees accrued in each Fuse Pool over time

Read the full article here.

DIYgod launches Unidata to make sense of messy NFT data


The EIP-721 standard ETH NFT used has a very "flexible" format. An NFT image may use various fields, such as image image_url or animation_url. Depending on the publisher's preference, it might not even be an image at all; it could be a video, a 3D model, etc. The inconsistent formats cause a lot of problems for its front-end presentation...Unidata has designed a series of user-friendly and uniform data specifications, divided into four sections - Profiles, Links, Assets, and Notes, and Ethereum NFTs fall under the Assets specification. With a fixed data format returned by Unidata, the front-end no longer has to do the troublesome work of adapting a confusing data format

HiFi Labs offshoot Neueme Network launches to provide data layer for Music NFTs


neume is tasked with indexing all activity within the emerging Web3 Music industry. It will provide the infrastructure needed to easily spin up platforms that experiment with showcasing Web3 Music and the endless potential of deeper connections between Artists and Fans.

If you're interested in contributing to Neume (we are!) check out their Git.

Data Wizard Andrew Hong launches creates repo with practice problems for aspiring Web3 data analysts and data scientists


Community Gems

  • Jordan, Diamond DAO product lead, published an article analyzing whether authors on Mirror who frequently vote in DAOs publish more frequently -- the answer was no. You can read it here.

  • Angela, Diamond DAO design lead, published an article with an insider's view of Diamond DAO's approach to product design.