Chainverse Portal, Trend Spotting with Radar, and Completed Engagements


Welcome to Data Feed, Diamond DAO’s weekly newsletter.

Chainverse Portal

Diamond DAO is preparing to launch Chainverse Portal in August, with access to our research library and Chainverse Explorer. Read more about this announcement in our July 7th update.

The Diamond DAO Talent Network is busy working on deep dive knowledge graphs of the blockchain gaming ecosystem and the impact of Variant fund in web3. These are both examples of emerging uses of technology and capital that are fast moving with many interconnected themes - perfect for collective, graph-based search and discovery.

Trend Spotting with Radar

Radar, a community owned and powered “futures engine” of cultural trends, signed a contract to implement a hosted Chainverse database to ingest signals from their Discord server into a collective knowledge graph. Then they’ll build custom dashboards and KPIs using Chainverse OS and data models designed by Diamond DAO.

Multicoin, Arweave Engagements

Last month we completed two paid engagements to map ecosystems using Chainverse and deliver analytical reports. Both focused on developing a deeper understanding of the Arweave ecosystem, both for Multicoin Capital (early Arweave investors) and for the Arweave organization itself.

Application improvements

The Engineering team has been refactoring the Chainverse UI and upgrading our infrastructure to improve performance. We’ve also integrated the first open source component of Chainverse OS - Search. If you’re using our application you should notice much faster load times.

Data Feed