Chainverse Portal - Coming Soon


Welcome to the Diamond DAO newsletter. We have updates on Chainverse Portal, which launches in September, and our engagements with partners.

Chainverse Portal

Chainverse Portal, which launches in late September, will be the leading resource for understanding the people, networks, and organizations that matter in Web3.

Chainverse Portal will initially focus on addressing two use cases for investors: due-diligence and market research.

For due diligence, users can enter search for an entity and then quickly visualize critical context about the entity, including its trust network.

Users can quickly assess the credibility of the entity and determine whether additional research is needed.

Users can also perform market research in Chainverse by searching for keywords related to their market, niche, theme, or sector of interest -- say that an entity I’m performing diligence on coordinates IRL NFT events space.

First, the user searches the topic of “IRL events” within Chainverse.

Then, the user can learn about IRL event pioneers like Bright Moments, ETH Denver, and Metacartel to understand the landscape of IRL event ecosystem landscape and how the entity they’re researching fits into that ecosystem.

We are spending the next few weeks polishing up the interface, adding more data, and collecting feedback from community members.

Chainverse Portal will launch publicly on September 19th.

Chainverse Canvas

We are also wrapping up our Chainverse Canvas MVP. Canvas is a tool for domain experts to add context and relationships to the Chainverse Portal knowledge graph.

We are using Canvas internally to accelerate the process of adding off-chain context into our knowledge graph. We will also use Chainverse Canvas to publish ecosystem maps, community deep dives, and other analytics-driven content.

Users can use Chainverse Canvas to memorialize and share their personal research into entities covered by the Chainverse knowledge graph.

Our first Canvas-powered research report, exploring the ecosystem of “Eternal Games” in Web3, will be published on September 26th.


  • Diamond DAO helped Protein Community analyze community definitions of Good Growth to tensions between different clusters of definitions. You can read the initial analysis here.

  • Diamond DAO leveraged the tools behind Chainverse to build an interactive dashboard for RADAR, which is building Futures Protocol, to perform analytics on cultural signals and trends shared by their community of curators.