Chainverse Portal - Open Beta!

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Chainverse Portal - Open Beta

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Chainverse Portal, our Web3 community analytics platform, is now available to the public!

Portal, at a glance

Web3 is rich with but it can be time-consuming to make sense of it.

Sales, marketing, and community teams must search across on-chain transactions, social media accounts, and analytics dashboards to find basic insights about existing or prospective community members.

Chainverse makes Web3 user data easy by integrating on-chain transactions and context from social media into a unified view of each community member:

  • Which DAOs have they voted in?

  • Which tokens do they hold?

  • What Gitcoin grants have they funded?

  • What are their linked social media accounts?

First, users see aggregate statistics about their selected Web3 community: tokens held, top Web3 activities, influential members, and more.

Then, users can drill down with 75+ wallet labels to find the community members they're looking for in Directory.

You can access Portal @

It's still in beta so please reach out to with any questions or feedback!