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Diamond DAO Data Feed - June 21


This sprint the Chainverse engineering team will focus on shipping an MVP portal for Chainverse “subscribers” this week.

Chainverse Portal will be a token-gated area where subscribers can review Chainverse research & analysis and make research requests to the Chainverse talent network.

The engineering team will also be on-boarding a senior full-stack engineer who will initially focus on improving the Chainverse UI’s search functionality.


  • Diamond DAO is partnering with JournoDAO to fund research and analysis of fraud in Web3 communities. JournoDAO will leverage the Chainverse UI and Chainverse data to supercharge their research.

  • Diamond DAO attended two workshops to learn more about Protein Community’s Good Growth research agenda. Protein Community members will use the Chainverse UI to landscape opportunities for Good Growth within Web3 and beyond.

Community Gems

  • Knowledge graph specialist Omar published a framework for applying Neo4J Graph Data Science (GDS) algorithms on the Chainverse knowledge graph

  • Diamond DAO co-founders Christian and Jordan published an article summarizing and categorizing each article included in the Mirror Writing NFT launch on Optimism.

Data Feed

  • Chainalysis announced its annual “State of Web3” report. You can reserve your copy here.

  • Music NFT analysis platform Neume Network launched its v 0.0.1, which ingests all Music NFTs and related transactions from Catalog, Sound, and Zora.

  • ZachXBT published an on-chain analysis exploring how a prominent figure in the Machi community allegedly embezzled over 22,000 ETH.

  •, a blockchain-powered semantic graph database, discussed its platform at an Austin blockchain meetup.

  • Web3 data & analytics platform The Tie is hiring a “Web3 data scientist.”

  •, a Web3 CRM platform for “NFT projects and token communities” launched. Holder integrates on-chain data with social media data to help clients understand their customers and find leads.

  • Nansen launched a messaging service for Web3 communities, taking on Discord.

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