Diamond DAO Data Feed - Chainverse Portal, Partnerships

Welcome to Data Feed

Data Feed is back after a summer hiatus. This week’s update focuses on Chainverse Portal progress and developments with Diamond DAO’s partnerships.

Chainverse Portal

Chainverse Portal will be the leading data & analytics platform for understanding the networks driving value in Web3.

With Chainverse, users will be able to enter a search, identify a community or person of interest, visualize the trust and affiliation networks of that person or community, and access context about how to engage further with that person or community.

Chainverse Portal will also feature research & analysis from Diamond DAO domain experts about the most innovative communities in Web3.

Chainverse Portal subscribers will receive $DMND token, which can be redeemed to commission research & data analytics services from the Diamond DAO community.

We envision a broad range of use cases for Chainverse Portal, ranging from lead generation for BD to market research for product designers and product marketers.

However, our initial focus will be empowering investors and research analysts explore emerging niches, identify the most influential builders, conduct market research, and perform due diligence.

To this end, Chainverse Portal will launch with the most comprehensive graph of angel, venture, incubator, and DAO investment activity in Web3 and an in-depth analysis of the Variant Fund ecosystem.


RADAR - The Futures Protocol

Diamond DAO completed a pipeline to ingest “signals” of emerging trends shared by curators in the Radar discord into a Radar-owned knowledge graph.

Protein - Developing a Framework for Good Growth

Diamond DAO completed an ML-driven analysis of “Good Growth” definitions submitted by Protein Community members.

Community Gems

  • Diamond DAO co-founder Jordan Olmstead was quoted in a Forbes article about the implications of US sanctions against Tornado Cash. The article was written by Eric Mack, co-founder of Journo DAO, a Diamond DAO partner.

  • Jordan also published an article on Blogchain about how a former F-16 fighter pilot is using DeSci to re-invent how UFO research is funded and conducted.