Diamond DAO Weekly Update - Edition 1.0.1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Diamond DAO's newsletter!

Our newsletter will cover developments related to Diamond DAO's product, research, and governance initiatives.


Diamond DAO on-boarded the first cohort of users to Chainverse on April 4.

Since then, the Diamond DAO product team has focused on refactoring the Chainverse UI to improve its stability and addressing bugs surfaced by the cohort.

The cohort had included participants from organizations including LabDAO, Orca Protocol, JournoDAO, DAOhaus, and Agora Space.

Eric from JournoDAO conducted research on the network that formed to raise crypto for Ukraine following Russia's invasion, based on an article he wrote for Coindesk.

Boris from LabDAO researched the genesis of LabDAO and the social landscape of DeSci.

Dan from Orca Protocol contributed research on the strategy behind Zora Protocol's fee mechanisms.

Michael, a recent Web3 migrant, landscaped the intersection of sports and Web3.

Their research is now available to explore through Chainverse Explore, which enables users to view expert-curated context on Web3 communities and surfaces connections between Web3 communities and their members that is unavailable on-chain or from identity protocols

Talent Network

Diamond DAO is building a talent network to conduct focused research on topics relevant to Chainverse users, ranging from DAO2DAO partnerships to wash trading in NFT marketplaces to product integrations to Web3 data and analytics platforms.

Talent network members will receive an NFT granting them access to exclusive (and generously funded) research opportunities and perks from Diamond DAO's partners.

For additional details about the talent network please read the full talent network invitation.

If you're interested in getting paid to for your Web3 domain expertise apply!


Over the past few months Diamond DAO has been laser focused on shipping Chainverse.

With the launch of our private beta in early April we've had some time to reassess pathways to contribute to Diamond DAO.

On Wednesday we held a discussion with Season 0 contributors to brainstorm strategies for improving our Contributor UX.

Our first step towards implementing community feedback was releasing an updated bounty board and guidelines for bounty hunters.

The most significant change was requiring aspiring bounty hunters to secure a Diamond DAO member as the "sponsor" for their bounty.

On Wednesday DAO contributor Fernando published an updated summary of Diamond DAO's and a forum post outlining next steps for implementing Diamond DAO's tokenomics strategy.

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