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## Chainverse data

NFT Finance

Based on demand from customers operating in the NFT Finance space, Chainverse overhauled our Wallet in Context (WIC) framework to cover leading NFT lending and borrowing marketplaces.

Chainverse now delivers additional intelligence on 5,300+ borrowers and 6,800+ lenders on Bend, Arcade.xyz, Paraspace, x2y2, and NFTfi.

What does this mean for users?

First, API users can pass a wallet to our Wallet in Context API to see if they are an NFT lender or borrower.

API response - try at docs.chainversedata.com

Context on a wallets Web3 activities is helpful for marketplaces that want to segment users by type for personalized experiences & recommendations.

Second, Chainverse Portal users can see how many members of their selected community have participated in NFT lending and borrowing markets.

NFT lenders and borrowers in the Lil Nouns community

They can also filter the selected community's member directory communities in Chainverse Portal to NFT lenders and borrowers -- we've had several teams in the NFTfi space use this for user research & lead generation.

Portal coming soon

As mentioned above, Chainverse Portal is our Web3 community research tool -- think Nansen, except for community leads, marketers, and sales teams, rather than traders.

Chainverse Portal is getting rave reviews from early users!

Unlock Protocol, a leading NFT membership protocol, uses Chainverse to identify & engage with high-value community members more quickly.

"Chainverse has become a go-to resource for understanding the characteristics and behavior of the Unlock DAO community. It saves us time every week and has become an important part of our onchain analysis toolkit." -Christopher Carfi, Head of Marketing, Unlock Protocol

Interested in trying Chainverse? Get early access here https://tally.so/r/w5bBgo