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May / June Community Update

May / June Update


Diamond DAO on-boarded its first two customers to Chainverse in June.

In response to customer interest in data on Web3 ecosystem partnerships, the engineering team shipped functionality to the Chainverse UI enabling analysts to quickly add data on different types of partnerships -- ranging from joint marketing initiatives to product integrations.

Our biggest priority for July is launching Chainverse Portal, a token-gated area for subscribers to access research & analysis on emerging Web3 communities. Subscribers will also use the portal to submit requests for research, analysis, and data product proofs of concept.

The Chainverse Portal will be "top of the funnel" for other UIs and data products built off of the Chainverse Knowledge Graph.

Token Updates

We delivered our first allocation of DMND token to Chainverse Genesis Cohort participants.

We will compensate past and existing Diamond DAO contributors with an allocation of DMND token in mid-July.

The DMND token will have utility in the Chainverse Portal; holders will be eligible to create and vote on requests for research, analysis, and proofs of concept.

Partnerships and Community Engagement

Diamond DAO held a workshop with Protein a Web3 community focused on promoting "good growth" in distributed communities, to brainstorm how Protein members can use Chainverse to develop and promote good growth indicators.

Diamond DAO held a workshop with RADAR, which is building a protocol to identify emerging cultural trends, to brainstorm how RADAR can use Chainverse to track and analyze member contributions.

Diamond DAO co-founder Jordan Olmstead and Electric Capital engineer Enrique Herreros won a 2 ETH grant to conduct a "Know Your Community" analysis for Lil Nouns, a Nouns Ecosystem project. Diamond DAO plans on using the project as a proof of concept for a more expansive data & analytics project for the Nouns ecosystem.

New customers

  • Multicoin Capital commissioned analytics on a leading L1 blockchain via Chainverse

  • Arweave commissioned a pilot to use Chainverse data and the Chainverse UI to power their ecosystem page


By the Numbers

It can be difficult to keep up with what's going on at Diamond DAO, with activity spread across Twitter, Discord, the Chainverse application, email newsletters, and (of course) multiple blockchains.

Here are some metrics to get acquainted with Diamond DAO's growing community:

  • Treasury size: $620,000

  • Estimated June spend: $35,000

  • June revenue: $7,500

  • Chainverse Talent Network Members: 15

  • DMND token holders: 12

  • Newspaper subscribers: 38

  • Communities covered by Chainverse Knowledge Graph: 6,788

  • Wallets covered by Chainverse Knowledge Graph: 495,590

  • Twitter followers: 746

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