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Doc the Wolf- 365 Days 6WU Collectible

Own a piece of Doc the Wolf history

Six Word Updates (6WU)

What is a 6WU: A summary of information that is limited to only six words. This practice offers several benefits, including:

  1. Efficient communication: By distilling thoughts and ideas into a concise and precise message, 6WU forces individuals to prioritize and focus on the most important information while avoiding unnecessary details.

  2. Learning: Utilizing a 6WU after learning a topic can help solidify the material, as it requires active thinking to package the topic into your own words.

  3. Memory retention: The brevity of a 6WU makes it easier to remember the phrase and recall it later, which can be helpful for tracking progress or important details.

Overall, the use of 6WU can enhance communication, learning, and memory retention in personal and professional settings.

Why A Daily Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

If you've been following Doc the Wolf on social media, you've likely seen the Daily 6WU posts on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. While anyone can view and save these images, only one person can be the verified owner of the official 6WU NFT from Doc the Wolf.

NFT Education: Why utilize an NFT? Aren't they just JPEGs on the internet?

Utilizing blockchain and NFTs for these Daily 6WU posts can offer several benefits, including proof of ownership, scarcity and exclusivity, digital authenticity, and potential monetization.

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger technology that allows for secure and transparent record-keeping of transactions. By recording every transaction on the blockchain, NFTs can establish a clear chain of custody, ensuring that the asset's history and ownership are verified and trusted

  1. Proof of ownership: An NFT is a unique digital asset that is stored on a blockchain, providing proof of ownership and provenance. This means that the verified owner of the official 6WU NFT from Doc the Wolf can prove that they own the digital asset. The immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that any changes to the transaction history are easily detectable, which helps to prevent fraud, counterfeiting, and other forms of tampering.

  2. Scarcity and exclusivity: As there can only ever be one verified owner at one time for each of the official daily 6WU NFTs, this can be valuable for collectors and investors who are fans of Doc the Wolf.

  3. Digital authenticity: Because NFTs are stored on a blockchain, they cannot be replicated or counterfeited. This ensures the digital authenticity of the official 6WU NFT, providing confidence to the owner and potential buyers.

  4. Potential for monetization: If the verified owner of the official 6WU NFT decides to sell it, they can potentially make a profit if the value of the digital asset increases over time due to scarcity and demand.

Collectible Details

Supply: 365 Six Word Update NFTs.

There will be a total 365 unique Doc the Wolf Daily Collectibles. 1 unique 6WU for each day

Type Of Sale: Auction that will run for 24 hours after being listed.

Price: 1 USDC (on Polygon Network) Starting Bid.

Network: Polygon.

Function: Allow collectors to own a piece of the official Doc the Wolf Daily 6WU NFT collection.

For each sale of a 6WU collectible:

  • 50% of the proceeds in USDC will go towards funding and promoting the second book

  • 50% will be used to purchase $GUARD as rewards for Daily 6WU collectible holders.


  • Will accumulate until day 183

  • Each daily collectible is an entry

The $GUARD purchased will be distributed when these specific milestones are achieved and after Day 183 of the 6WU Collection:

  • 25% of the balance when the last 365 Daily 6WU collectibles have been minted and sold.

  • 25% of the balance when book sales for “Turning Pennies Into Dimes” eclipse 5,000 copies.

  • 25% of the balance when the "Doc the Wolf" Twitter or Instagram account reaches 10,000 followers.

Once these milestones have been achieved, the plan for the remaining holder rewards will be assessed.

*We reserve the right to alter the plan (and will make an announcement if so) based on time and randomness, which may present a better path forward.

Royalties: 10% to sale of each NFT.

To ensure the long-term health and adoption of the blockchain, it is crucial for creators to be rewarded for their creations, and NFTs can help achieve that.

100% of Royalties will go toward purchasing $GUARD to be able to participate in governance in the Guard Foundation. This in turn helps to support an ecosystem of people and projects that are creating amazing value.

Where To Purchase: OpenSea-

When: First Collectible to go on auction 4 24 2023

Follow on Twitter Or IG to keep up to date.

See the entire story unfold- https:

Note: This is not an employment or money-making offer. Doc the Wolf's focus is providing a fun and unique way to participate with and engage with blockchain technology and own a piece of the story for yourself.

Guides From OpenSea

How To Purchase via OpenSea on Polygon- https:

Adding Funds with a credit or debit card- https:

How To Purchase with Credit or Debit Card on OpenSea- https:

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