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From The Depths To The Unknown

With the Metal Key pulled from the silver wolf’s mouth, and inserted into the rough lock of the giant steel door, the wolf’s blue eyes lit up and water gushed into the caverns from the massive maw now ajar.

The Wolf Pups fled into the newly found room but were chased quickly by the raging torrent. The Wolf Pups scrambled wherever they could, onto various metal remains or up the walls, struggling to find refuge from the rising water. However, with the floodwaters continuing to rise, the pups knew they needed to find a safer place.

With time running short and few options remaining. One of the pups, had a crazy idea. They led the pups to the middle of the room and without hesitation, clambered up the glowing bronze artifact. The rest of the pups quickly followed suit and clung to the only thing left they could.

Though the artifact provided a brief respite, it was not tall enough for the pups to climb out of the hole in the ceiling. So, the pups waited anxiously, with nowhere else to go, watching as the flood swelled around them.

Once the water submerged the lower half of the relic, it began to keel over. But perhaps to everyone’s surprise, the seemingly dense monument actually began to rise, and float, as it leveled itself over the waves. The wolves cheered with joy at their sudden stroke of luck.

As the hours passed, the pool eventually pushed them through the ceiling into a tunnel, creating a stream that swiftly carried the pups outside until they found themselves floating in an actual ocean. With no land in sight, the pups gripped the edges of their makeshift raft tightly with their soaked paws.

Days passed before their vessel finally approached a remote castle, perched on a small sunken hill in the middle of the sea. The castle, apparently abandoned, had become an island in the midst of the deluge. With an electric vigor, the wolves stuck their paws back into the ocean and paddled as hard as they could toward the hopeful haven.

Nearing land, the weary wolves dove off with great effort, wading to shore until their paws finally touched solid ground for the first time in what felt like years.

The Wolf Pups rested for a bit, observing the castle overrun by trees, shrubbery, and moss, with tall once-ivory towers crumbling under the heavy sky. Although initially wary of entering, they noticed no obvious signs of other life, save for a few birds circling above. They approached after regaining some of their strength. Oddly, they were welcomed by a door already slightly ajar, with the Water Key resting in the latch.

The Water Quest

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