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The Iron Will

As the Earth Key was found and the Earth Element finally claimed, the ground beneath the Wolf Pups started to crack.

Though nimble and quick, the wolves were unable to escape the massive chasm that formed and fell beneath the ruins into a cavern with glittering mineral deposits throughout.

As the wolf pups recovered from their daze, they heard some distant shouting from above.

"I'll go find some help. Explore the caverns!"

Cipherous Black, who was overlooking the pups and happened to be the only one not affected by the chasm tossed down an odd device that looked like a magnifying glass.

"Take this with you too, it may come in handy."

And with that, Cipherous dashed off, away from sight.

With nowhere else to go but forward, they trekked until they found themselves in front of a giant door made of steel.

To the side, a solid silver wolf with eyes as blue as the azure sky held tightly within its maw what appeared to be a brass key and tablet.

The Wolf Pups pulled with all their might, but the key didn't budge. The tablet, however, came away with ease. Engraved on the rough surface:

"Those without an iron will shall not pass"

The Metal Quest

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