The Key To Tranquility

Somnus Draught, The Secret Solution

As Dr. Lupin von Strife's forces grew within the Evolution Woods, he faced a dilemma: whether to venture beyond the woods' safety. To do so, he needed a bigger army, but he lacked an essential ingredient for the tranquilizing solution, Somnus Draught, he used to pacify the creatures before transforming them.

Should he venture out into the world?


Stay in the safety of Evolution Woods?

A Crossroads

It'll be up to the allies of Fenrir to decide:

A) Will you gather your forces outside Evolution Wood to deter Dr. Lupin von Strife from leaving?

B) Will you help Dr. Lupin von Strife find the component he needs for Somnus Draught?

The allies of Fenrir have voted reaching a conclusion on 2/17/2023

The Hunt For The Missing Ingredient


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