šŸ“¢ Notice on DOSI Citizen & Friends Level-Up Pass(LUP) 2nd Promotion Week 2 Mission Reward Winners


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Hello from DOSI team.

We are pleased to announce the targets of the 2nd Week Mission Rewards for the Citizen & Friends LUP 2nd Promotion.

We would like to thank to all the participating Citizens, and we kindly ask you to refer to the list of targets below for detailed information.

Check the List: https://lin.ee/N0kCU5J/qbko
ā€¢ During Week 2, rewards for each mission cannot be received in duplicate. Instead, if you own 4 or more different types of evolved Friends based on various collections, you will receive a maximum of 15 LUP rewards.

ā—¦ Example: If you own Citizen Flying Kitty, Flying Doggie, Flying Goose, and Flying Jackson's, you will receive a total of 15 LUP rewards.

ā—¦ if you own only 2 Citizen Flying Kitty, you will not qualify for rewards as you need to possess a complete set of 1 type of collection.

ā—¦ If you own 3 Citizen Flying Kitty and 1 Flying Doggie, you will be eligible for 5 LUP rewards, as you own 2 different types of collections in total.

ā€¢ The evolved RoboCat 'Flying robo kitty' is also included in the details of the second week's mission.

ā€¢ Notice

  • How to check the LUP

ā—¦ Visit the DOSI Citizen website (Link) > Click on Membership > Check the number of Citizens, LUP, and DON > Click on the icon to view detailed 'received' and 'used' history.

ā—¦ Access the following link while logged in: https://citizen.dosi.world/membership/pass/history

  • The above reward details and schedule are subject to change depending on the company's circumstances, and separate announcements will be made in case of any changes.

Thank you.