Dot Leap 2024-7: Fat Stacks and Race Tracks

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Fat Stacks and Race Tracks

As Jimmy from Stakenode comprehensively explained the other day, the Polkadot treasury recently funded Conor Daly in the Indy 500 2024 sponsorship. Conor is a top 20 racer in the Indi 500 from 2023 who, after being dropped by ECR as his contract expired, had to seek out alternative sponsorship.

What this recent proposal means concretely is that Daly's team got 290k DOT (around 2 million USD) to dress him and his car up in Polkadot branding, also allowing them to make and sell Polkadot related race merch.

On one hand - the idealistic one - I feel like this is extremely stupid. There will be absolutely no conversions from this, and brand awareness helps no one.

Even if the Indy 500 audience somehow does decide to google what Polkadot is, and then for some reason this crowd decides they are interested in gambling on the DOT token, they won't be allowed to or will be afraid to try because Indy 500 is a deeply American thing (no one in Europe or Asia cares about cars going around in a circle) and the SEC is still America's daddy in terms of where you're allowed to put your money (where's that second amendment of money, Americans?). And no, DOT "mophing" into "software" will not help. Not a single non-American soul will watch the races, so this exposure will fall on eyes that cannot act on it and that, in my opinion, should not act on it even if they could.

On the other hand, I think it's really cool that a team sought sponsorship through a decentralized system, outside of the traditional fiat constraints, and had it approved by a community of peers (in a way). This is an incredible demonstration of what this technology could do if it were put to GOOD use, something beneficial for all.

To me personally, this feels like a colossal waste of money - money that could go to teams that really need it and actually help the ecosystem outinnovate its competition. Sure, a cool waste of money, but a waste nonetheless. But hey, if the treasury wants to fund me, I'll wrap my car in a matte gray Jam advertisement for only 100k 🤷‍♂

Polkadot and Kusama Updates


  • Polkadot 1.10 has been released. Major updates we covered before, but we recommend reading the changelog for a full list of what's making it into the next runtime vote.

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