Dot Leap 2024-8: Paragraph + DGCM = decentralized newsletter?

Can a newsletter become decentralized?

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Decentralizing a newsletter with Paragraph+GDCM

The post about Dot Leap winding down EOY 2024 caused some confusion and concern, so I will clarify in this one and outline a plan for Dot Leap going forward.

What it really means is that Dot Leap won't be led by me in a centralized fashion because of two main reasons:

1. I don't think the grant has a chance of getting renewed, and

2. I honestly don't feel passion about Polkadot any more after seeing it shoot its own foot for years, and witnessing the loading of more guns pointing downwards.

However, I still feel passion for decentralization, and I feel passion for technical innovation. I will do my best to make sure Dot Leap lives on as a community thing by combining everything I've learned and built so far, and what I still plan to build. To do this, I will heavily leverage Paragraph as a growth and reach platform, Polkadot's Asset Hub as the back end for the website, and GDCM as the DAO's foundation.

How it will work

As per the GDCM post, each subscriber will be able to mint a Dot Leap "account". This will be a modular NFT. This isn't yet set in stone, but it's likely the accounts will be visualized as a dot matrix, probably grayscale - their purpose being similar to the original twitter anon-account eggs.

These account avatars, let's call them Matrices, will gain color over time, dot by dot, depending on the actions and reputations of their users. Each dot is a "category" from GDCM, and its size corresponds to the earned merit. As the merit decays, the dot will shrink.

This will result in a vibrant and diverse set of avatars, constantly shifting and changing their tone and shape, lovely to visualize across time too.

Rune Site is a project I've been working on which uses Polkadot's Asset Hub for storing posts, tutorials, and comments as NFTs in a decentralized way. This is where Matrix holders will be able to propose links to include in the newsletter, Hacker News style, and comment on them. Everyone with a Matrix will also be able to upvote or downvote a link, and the strength of the vote will depend on the voting merit of the holder: the more you vote, the more merit you have in the Voting category.

Rune Site is being built as a free-for-all platform for others to use as their decentralized blogging platform, or website host. Stay tuned for news there.

On the DotLeap Rune Site there will be a "Propose launch" button, which anyone with a certain amount of Launch merit can trigger. At this point, everyone can vote on Launch - whether or not they feel the edition is ready for publication. If this passes, all links submitted into each category that have an upvote count above a DAO-defined minimum will be included in the auto-generated publication.

The newsletter's editorial is a separate entry and similarly voted on, which means each edition will in theory have a different editorial by someone else who wrote the best thing in that edition.

Finally, Paragraph will be used to launch the edition that's been voted in. Since Paragraph supports delivering to both emails and wallets, regular email subscribers will still get the newsletter as generated by the community, while Matrix holders can get it straight in their wallets if they would prefer not to give out their email address.

Over time as Matrix holders participate in different activities, they will grow different types of merit: Config merit, Voting merit, Editor merit, Finder merit (link discoverers), Developer Experience merit (for those capable of submitting and explaining parity repo PRs), Launch merit, Sponsorship merit, Dogfood merit, and more.


As holders' merit grows, they get a proportional "stake" in Dot Leap. Over time, Dot Leap is expected to generate some revenue - primarily through sponsorships and job ads, and later through events or podcasts, and then from whatever the community decides.

A meaningful percentage of all income will be given to Matrix holders with sufficient merit. a big chunk will go to $LEAP holders, and a solid % will be reserved for the Treasury so that the protocol can grow with bounties and fees.

Those with sufficient stake in Dot Leap will be able to opt-in to receiving a part of that revenue. How much that will be depends on the config values voted in by the DAO. The opt-in mechanism is important for those under the tyrannical iron grip of the Empire of the World Police, USA, where you're not allowed to earn any money without asking for permission. This way, unless you explicitly request the money earmarked for you, it will remain in the treasury account of the DAO.

All the above is still heavily under heavy development, and it's being done by just one person - me. To build and grow this faster with a team, I will be raising funds with $LEAP this summer. The target will be $1m USD total with $10k per entity buy-in (also grants "founder" merit which has visual and functional perks), and if the $1m minimum is not reached, the full amounts will be refunded. Get in touch if you're interested.

And in case you don't believe I can pull this off, put your money where your mouth is.

Polkadot and Kusama Updates


Dogfood of the Day

  • We set up a prediction market on ZTG about the decentralization of Dot Leap.

Connected Parachains, dApps, and others

🌎 Community & Ecosystem

  • Embarrassingly, Polkadot ads are now plastered over Zurich airport.

  • Polkadot Prodigy hackathon, online hackathon with $58k in prizes, is open for registration and lasts from May 7th to May 28th.

  • Web3 Summit is taking place in Berlin this Aug 19-21.

  • [Bill] Decentralized Futures has funded the KYC Credential Ecosystem, including subsidized KYC credentials in collaboration with Polimec and Deloitte, powered by the technology of Kilt Protocol.

  • There is a proposal to create a Polkadot Community Foundation in the Cayman Islands, to "represent DOT holders off-chain". Some of the hypothetical activities this entity would handle are listed as: Retail marketing activities, e.g. social ad campaigns targeting developers, Educational programs, e.g. Polkadot Blockchain Academy, Complex grants programs, e.g. tranched or actively managed awards tied to milestones, Community events, e.g. contracting with venues and service providers for physical gatherings, Code management, e.g. maintain the polkadot-js GitHub repo.

    I think this is unnecessary. For one, the 175k requested to last 12 months can already be spent on a social ad campaign targeting developers. Polkadot Blockchain Academy already exists, and if a new entity is needed it can be formed with this exact purpose, requesting funds separately. Complex grants programs are unnecessary and can be funded via bounties, DF, or any other method available right now. Community events should be done by expert community planning teams with interest and experience in this - just because someone is paid to do thing X, it doesn't mean thing X will be done well if that entity has zero experience in it. If you want to make an event planning foundation, make one. And maintaining the Github repos can easily be funded via the current treasury mechanism.

    In general, I think it's pretty silly that we keep adding middlemen to an ecosystem envisioned to fight middlemanism and parasitic entities. If you need a bridge between the fiat world and the on-chain world for payments and agreements, it is trivial to use an established entity as a fiscal proxy host (someone who does fiat for you) - literally any company can do this, and it's legal.

  • Leemo publishes a new shitcoin-publishing tutorial, this time launching it on Moonbeam, while also addressing some bugs from last time.

  • Research paper on DePIN devices being more eco friendly or something. Basically an Acurast shill on arxiv.

  • PolkaBotAI - decentralizing AI with OriginTrail and Polkadot. Hey whatever hypes the boat, right?

  • Franklin Templeton Enables Peer-to-Peer Trades of Blockchain Fund shares.

🗣 Question of the Day

The results are discouraging. What causes this information assymmetry? Can we help this by someone being less techno-elitist and dumbing the terminology down, or is there another, better path to take? What are your thoughts?

That's it for this week - I hope this was as useful for you to read as it was for us to write!

Many thanks to Bill Laboon for his daily digest which helps us not miss some important updates!

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