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Top 10 Games in Volume and UAW of January 2023

Key Highlights of the 13th edition:

  • Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdom, and Sandbox top the chart of gaming platforms by DApp’s smart contract inflows.

  • Yeeha Games’ Oath Of Peak launches on Polygon with 300,000 pre-registered players.

  • Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and Benji Bananas are the top 3 leading games by the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) in January 2023.

Top 10 Games by Volume of In-Game Transactions in January

In-game transaction Inflow is quite an important metric for you as a P2E gamer who might want to stick with games that command high in-game transactions which may directly or indirectly tell if a particular P2E gaming economy is sustainable or not. Here are the top 10 NFT games by DApp’s smart contract inflows in January 2023.

Top 10 Games by Unique Active Wallets in January

The metric for the unique active wallet (UAW) shows how popular a game is among users and could also be used to measure the success of the game in acquiring new users. Here are the top 10 rankings of NFT games by number of UAW in January 2023.

New Kids in the Block

January has been a slow month for GameFi launches as most projects are still gauging the year, timing the best possible period to roll out their games. But as always, a few projects always defies the status quo, here are the top games that has already launched in January 2023.

Yeeha Games’ Oath Of Peak launches with 300,000 pre-registered players

Yeeha Games, Bybit’s Games platform has launched Oath of Peak, its first MMORPG on the Polygon blockchain, with a trailer showing off the diverse gameplay. The game’s closed beta received an impressive number of favorable reviews, and over 300,000 pre-registered players have joined the public launch.

Web3 Gaming Studio InfiniGods Launches Its First Game

InfiniMerge is a puzzle game that is similar to Candy Crush, City Block, and Triple Town. InfiniMerge had received $9 million in seed funding from Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures, and Animoca Brands. InfiniGods is led by co-founders Owen O'Donoghue, a former director of gaming at Facebook, and Damon Gura, a former CEO and board member of DGN Games.

Zebedee and Viker launched Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch

Zebedee, a gaming payment processor, and Viker, a mobile game studio, have developed two incentivized games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch.

Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch are available for iOS and Android. They are the most recent additions to Viker's catalog of Zebedee-powered games, which already includes classics like Solitaire and Sudoku.

In essence, players receive a revenue share from the game, which means Viker splits the earnings with the player. This results in a more interesting experience for players, which leads to higher retention and, eventually, a more profitable game.

From Double Protocol’s Desk

Double Protocol Collaborated with 9 Gaming ecosystems in January

The year 2023 started on an excellent note for the Double Protocol NFT rental marketplace which has already closed several ecosystem partnerships with 9 blockchain gaming projects. Through these partnerships, the gaming partners' NFT collections and in-game items will be made rentable on the Double Protocol NFT rental marketplace.

NFT rental solutions make it easy for gamers and users to rent NFTs at a lower cost, take advantage of their utilities, and unlock several benefits associated with such NFTs. Are you an NFT holder looking to make passive income from your NFTs? Double Protocol provides the perfect place to rent out your NFTs to other users who may need them for a specified period of time.

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