Internet Computer's Global Reach Expands Rapidly After Major ICP Community Townhall.

Internet Computer (ICP) has announced ambitious global expansion plans after hosting a monumental 24-hour townhall that attracted 1.5 million attendees 🌍. The event, held on the social platform “X”, marked the launch of their new “ICP HUBS” strategy aimed at enhancing global adoption through immersive experiences tailored for developers, professionals, and crypto enthusiasts 🚀.

In 2024, ICP will host 13 flagship “ICP HOUSES” events across major global cities, coinciding with key crypto and blockchain conferences. These events are designed to be intensive two-day experiences that merge education, development, collaboration, and celebration 🎉. The “GLOCAL” approach — blending global and local tactics — will be fundamental in connecting regional hubs and fostering worldwide ecosystem growth 🌐.

ICP HOUSES will serve as multifunctional venues for educational sessions, hackathons, presentations, and networking, providing an intimate setting for attendees to interact with industry leaders and technical experts. The first events have already been successful in Seoul and Hong Kong, with more scheduled in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India 🌏.

Over the past year, the ICP HUBS NETWORK has expanded into a decentralized network with a presence in 40 countries, evolving into a significant force in the Web3 landscape. This network emphasizes grassroots community development and regional adoption, marking a shift towards community-driven innovation and empowerment in the crypto world 🌟.

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