Friends of DZP,

The wheel has spoken.

The winner of the Grateful Dead Promotional concert poster will have a "Ming" background.

That means the winning NFT will look like this:

It will be Ming (a light blue), the #3 in the title, and "Ming" as its trait. There are 1,000 total "Ming" ALL EXCE$$ PASSES.

On Wednesday, May 31st we will pick a single winner of the poster and announce the NFT ID, which can be found in the NFT details. All ming ALL EXCE$$ PASSES have a token ID in the 2000s. The example below is NFT ID 2115:

The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. The instructions will be posted here, be sure to subscribe if you want to be notified via email.

If you want to sell your ming or buy a ming to get more entries, please be sure to only purchase from the official DZP ALL EXCE$$ collection here.

DZP has already lined up four additional, unique items to give away.

Danny and team

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