The Danny Zelisko ALL EXCESS PA$$

For True Music Fans

Friends of DZP,

We’re excited to announce that the DZP ALL EXCE$$ pass will be available later today. We are exploring the options and future utility of the blockchain and this NFT is our first step. The ALL EXCE$$ pass is designed as an exclusive “membership” that will have opportunities to win free one-of-a-kind or rare memorabilia and also have access to future members-only opportunities. 

Why an NFT?

The blockchain allows us to code, directly into the smart contract, royalties or “creator earnings” which means every time an ALL EXCE$$ pass is sold on the market, 9% comes back to DZP to fund music scholarships and the building of a one-of-a-kind museum to showcase Danny's core collection and host exclusive experiences and 1% goes to Artists For Addicts to support artists, musicians and others that struggle with or have friends/family that struggle with addiction. 

Typically, the fees on secondary sales of things like this go directly to Ticketmaster, eBay or other centralized platforms. The blockchain technology ensures that those fees come back to the creator to improve the experience for the fans and followers.

The DZP ALL EXCE$$ pass is limited to 8,000 total memberships (NFTs). They are free to mint, once all 8,000 are claimed they can be purchased from others on the secondary market via the NFT marketplace “OpenSea”. If this is all new to you, just follow the steps laid out below.

Here’s how you can participate if you choose:

First, subscribe to the ALL EXCE$$ pass newsletter. This is a separate newsletter and blog that will be focused on the DZP pass holders benefits and opportunities. If you are new to web3 you can subscribe with your email. If you already have a web3 wallet, you can subscribe with your email or by connecting your wallet. 

Subscribe Here.

Second, if you do not have a web3 wallet you will need to set one up in order to mint your Pass or purchase your Pass from the marketplace.

You can learn how to set up a wallet here.

You will also need to fund your wallet for the transaction fees. The blockchain has transaction fees called “gas” fees to run the network, these fees are typically just a few cents. 

These are the first steps to getting ready. Later today, we will send out the steps and a walkthrough to purchase a pass from Opensea using either crypto or a credit card.

Look forward to sharing the collection and the experience with you all!

Best from Danny and Team.

PS. To celebrate the new DZP pass and the new members, we will be giving away some exclusive memorabilia next week. The details will be posted on the DZP ALL EXCE$$ Pass Web3 enabled site.

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